Our Story

We are Pinestraw Enterprises, one of the top-rated software consulting firms based out of Atlanta, GA. We believe in innovation. That’s why we assist startups, mid-size, and enterprise businesses on their digital transformation journey with value-driven software consulting. We build and deploy world-class software solutions based on Python, PHP, SQL, Go, React, Angular, Sass, JavaScript and robust Cloud Infrastructure to meet business-specific goals and supercharge growth.

Our Motivation

Seeing the lack of highly skilled technical support and the many tech problems several growing businesses face in the Southeast, the idea of Pinestraw Enterprises was born. Moved by the need to provide startups and mid-size companies with reliable and scalable software solutions using remote full-stack engineers, our founder, Alfred Lockoak founded Pinestraw Enterprises in early 2014. Now we have highly-skilled engineers from companies such as Facebook, Phobio, The Muse, BuluBox, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Betaworks, and many more.

Mission & Vision

To provide elite software management solutions paired with world-class outsourced development. We aim to deliver top-quality software no matter the size and complexity.


Our Team

Alfred N. Lockoak

Founder & CEO

A seasoned software industry expert with over 10 years of experience working at companies of the enterprise, medium-sized, and startup variety. His expertise has been used across several industries at several companies of various sizes such as HP Enterprise, Phobio, Bulubox, The Muse, and Facebook

Angela Luke

Chief Operating Officer

Angela is loved by everyone. Designing and implementing business operations, establishing policies that promote company culture and vision and overseeing operations of the company and the work of executives is her daily routine.


Our Services

Engineering Management

Extend the power of your in-house IT talent with a high-performing engineering team. Start growing today with our remote and world-class software engineers, designers, system architects, and project managers who truly care about your success.

Application Development

Enhance your business agility and boost efficiency with cutting-edge web and mobile software development that fits your business needs and delights customers.  Let our team of dedicated developers build and deploy your applications irrespective of your choice of language or framework, be it Python, PHP, Java, Cloud or React.

Startup Properties

Architect your system the right way from the ground up. Let us help you to reliably host and maintain all your startup properties using our agile trained resources. This way, you are guaranteed automatic scalability, stability and high availability of your platform or application every time no matter what.

Project Management 

Let us manage your tech project from start to finish and achieve your desired outcomes. Save time and money! Let our seasoned project managers transform your good ideas into disruptive products. So that you can focus on satisfying your customers, enhancing your competitive edge and growing your company faster.


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We are among the best software consulting firms in Atlanta, GA, providing elite software management solutions paired with world-class outsourced development. We aim to deliver top-quality software no matter the size and complexity. Connect with us on social media.