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Dockerize Your React App

Are you planning to dockerize an app that you created using a React app? Do you know what dockerizing is or how Docker works? If these questions have piqued your interest, read on. This article will help you work on dockerizing by successfully using the Docker tool.


Agile Methodology Challenges & Solutions


Agile methodology is a project management process that provides numerous benefits to companies. Agile software development is productive, flexible and helps bring effective and organised work habits to the workplace. Regardless of the size of the IT teams, organizations prefer to migrate their projects from waterfall to Agile development because of   enormous benefits and popularity. Despite its flexibility, quicker project turnover, and increased productivity, Agile development has many challenges. And for this reason, we say that no software development is 100% Agile. Many organizations, therefore, adopt a hybrid methodology as an alternative.

If you want to avoid these pitfalls and almost certain project failures, then keep reading. In this article, we have listed the most common Agile methodology challenges along with workable solutions.

Know how, Software

React Native Or Flutter? Which One Is Better?

React Native Vs Flutter

In the cross-platform world, many frameworks are battling to stand tall and gain maximum acceptance from the developers. The two highly-defined, clearly winning frameworks we will discuss here include React Native and Flutter. These two platforms are competent; many developers use them for several reasons and have been top-notch website engines.

This article is for everyone who knows that they both are good and want to quickly decide which one would better serve their business. It has been directed to people in a way that will help them make the right choice.

Firstly, we would introduce the frameworks individually to help you understand what they do, how they benefit the developers, and the top use cases for each one of them.


Dealing with Agile Challenges Post-Pandemic

Agile is a time-focused, iterative work style philosophy that allows teams of software developers to build a product step by step and deliver it on a set timeline. One main benefit of this methodology is the ability to adapt and change at any step depending on feedback, market conditions, and corporate obstacles.

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