10 Do’s and Don’ts of User Onboarding You Should Know

In the event that you consistently make digital products or whether you are simply beginning, you presumably realize that building an effective product goes connected at the hip with steadfast client securing. 

Eventually, you want the users to utilize your product and thereby generate revenue. Consider Asana, Hubspot, Gmail, or Amazon Prime. Do you think their onboarding procedures are fruitful? What number of disappointments have they had? What number of onboarding streams did they make to at last offer the current ones? Iterations can be numerous, yet we know that through constant development, you can land at one where both you and the users are deriving value out of it. 


A proper user onboarding flow should provide the answers to the following questions:
What does your app do?
What features and capabilities does it have?
How to start using it?
How to get help in case you need it?


First Impression Is Half the Battle

User onboarding is an important but often overlooked part of the app’s UX. By following simple guidelines, like the ones listed below, you can make your product more user-friendly and engaging, improve your user retention and, as a result, revenue.


Do’s that you should consider during the user onboarding experience

  • Start developing user personas from the very get. Carefully identifying key audience demographics will help you choose the most effective onboarding strategy. 
  • Do a walkthrough. In order to pinpoint your capabilities or value proposition to your intended users. Coach marks, modal windows, or popups might do the job as well.
  • Try and incorporate personalization. In doing so, you are offering relevant content right away and retaining users more effectively. This strategy is used by Netflix, Quora, Twitter, and Medium.
  • Give users a familiar comfort space. Give the users the opportunity to connect with their friends. When joining a new product, especially if it is a networking app, it is important to make users feel involved. 
  • Make onboarding experience rewarding. If you are using gamification elements, you can offer additional points for adding a profile photo or verifying an email address. Integrating a progress bar or checklist into the onboarding process is one way keep your users focused. 
  • Convey your support and help to the user. By clearly identifying the place where users can find answers to their questions, you are eliminating many potentially frustrating situations that users may experience. Plus, it is a good way to get feedback from actual users.


The don’t you need to keep in mind during the user onboarding experience

  • Don’t ask for permissions right away. I.e. system permissions, email verification or even registration right away. Unless it is absolutely necessary, you should try to avoid friction.
  • Don’t overwhelm your user in your walkthrough. Onboarding is a continuous process, so leave something for later. It’s best to have a walkthrough available for every feature when the user gets to it. 
  • Don’t ask for feedback right away. Allow users to use the app for a little while before jumping in for feedback or review. A good rule of thumb would be to setup a tracker on your end for time spent on app by a specific user and when the user has clocked a specific amount of time ascertained by you, you can ping them for their thoughts. 
  • Don’t ignore user feedback. The idea of users rating or giving you feedback is to use those to improve your product offering. Do make sure that you integrate them in your development cycle on a regular basis


It is imperative when designing a new product or introducing a new technology that the end users experience has to optimized and pleasant.

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